The Perfect Hipster Road Trip [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Perfect Hipster Road Trip [INFOGRAPHIC]

Grab some plaid shirts, your beard trimmer, and a stack of your favorite LPs: It’s time for a road trip! This week, Mini USA has unveiled a new infographic as part of its Not Normal campaign featuring some of the prominent (and obscure) hipster-hubs scattered across America. From Brooklyn to Portland OR, check out their suggestions, and let us know in the comments if you think anything’s been missed. Of course, essential hipster certification required.

The Perfect Hipster Road Trip infographic was designed by Hyperakt, an independent Brooklyn design firm that helps change-makers tell their stories. For more on this specific project, and for a full list of credits, visit their portfolio.

JP Bervoets
JP has spent the last decade working in the not-for-profit sector and has called Canada, the Netherlands and South Africa home. He's travelled to over 30 countries and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His interests include photography, cycling, playing guitar and working on Departful. JP co-founded the site in 2012.

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