Canada Explored by Canadians [VIDEO]

Canada Explored by Canadians [VIDEO]

Earlier this year, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) challenged Canadians from Beaver Creek, Yukon to Blackhead, Newfoundland to capture their country on film. After receiving over 8,200 submissions with over 65 hours of footage, they picked 82 winners and made this short, great, 2 minute film. If you’re Canadian, this should put a grin on your face.

While the CTC selected some fantastic footage covering a vast geographic range (Canada is roughly 10,000,000 square kilometers, or just over 3,860,000 square miles), I thought I’d highlight five great clips below that didn’t quite make the final cut.

You can check out all of the submissions and learn more about Canada Explored by Canadians by visiting the Canadian Tourism Commission’s campaign site: 35 Million Directors. You can also visit for some great trip ideas and more great photos.

Camping Spot

By Chris Stanley
British Columbia

With over 202,080 kilometers of coastline and almost 4,000,000 square kilometers of forest, Canada has no shortage of great camping spots, as this video from British Columbia highlights.

Windy Arm, Yukon hockey

Gabriel Rivest

It’s not uncommon for Canadians to grow up playing ice hockey (and then winning world championships). Seeing seeing a bunch of people playing on a frozen Yukon river is, well, pretty awesome.

Aurora Borealis above…

Kris Taeleman
British Columbia

While over 75% of Canadian’s live within 160km of the U.S. border, there are some pretty solid advantages to living further north.

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Time Machine

By Andrey Dik
Nova Scotia

It’s common knowledge in Canada that Nova Scotia has incredible sunsets. Few people realize, however, how quickly Nova Scotians can move.

Pisew Falls Manitoba

By Michael Linton

While millions flock annually to catch a glimpse of Niagara Falls, it seemed worth highlighting one of the many incredible waterfalls in Canada not surrounded by casinos, hotels, and strip clubs.

Thumbnail and slider image by Pencrush

JP Bervoets
JP has spent the last decade working in the not-for-profit sector and has called Canada, the Netherlands and South Africa home. He's travelled to over 30 countries and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His interests include photography, cycling, playing guitar and working on Departful. JP co-founded the site in 2012.


  1. Leigh 3 years ago

    I’d thrown in a few photos at the last minute but sadly nothing made the top of anything. A brilliant move on the Canadian Tourism’s part and fun to watch videos and see so many great photos.

    • JP Bervoets Author
      JP Bervoets 3 years ago

      Hi Leigh, thanks for the comment! I unfortunately found out a bit too late to submit anything. The film was really well done, however, and has been tremendous for the Canadian Tourism Commission. Last I checked, it’s been viewed over 570,000 times on YouTube.

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