New Delta Airlines iPad App Has Glass Bottom Jet Feature And More [REVIEW]

New Delta Airlines iPad App Has Glass Bottom Jet Feature And More [REVIEW]

Even a quick visit to the travel section of Apple’s App Store can be overwhelming. With literally thousands of apps available to help you traverse the globe, finding a tried and trusted few can be a challenge. As a result, the launch of another travel app can seem about as exciting as returning to work after a great trip and is rarely worth much fanfare. With that said, I was happy this week to make an addition to my travel app arsenal: Fly Delta for iPad

Released as part of a $140 million technology investment by Delta Airlines, Fly Delta for iPad is loaded with features to take you through the booking process, improve your inflight experience, and help you explore wherever it is that you end up. The app includes free destination guides, the ability to book and check into flights, travel reminders, inflight entertainment information, a Delta app store to download additional movies, books, and music, map functionality to help you get directions to and from the airport, and, perhaps the most innovative feature, “Glass Bottom Jet”.

Glass Bottom Jet allows you to follow your journey while in air on an aerial map that shows your flight’s location, trajectory, and speed. While this is already standard on many inflight screens, this touchscreen version also pulls location-specific data from your Facebook and Twitter networks. For example, if you were flying over New York, Glass Bottom Jet would highlight which of your friends have been there, and share related check-ins and status updates about that location.

In addition to these features, the application also supports multiple user accounts for households with more than one frequent traveler, and information about your SkyMiles account, a feature already standard on the Delta iPhone app: Fly Delta – Delta Air Lines

While I’ve only used the app for a few days, and have experienced the occasional crash when using some of the app’s more robust features, I would still highly recommend the free download – especially for those who frequently travel using SkyTeam carriers or collect Delta SkyMiles.

Find out more about this new app and other Delta technology upgrades in their press release.

Do you have a favourite travel app for your smartphone or tablet? Let us know in the comment section below so we can check it out!


Thumbnail and image courtesy of Delta Airlines, Fly Delta for iPad.


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