They Draw and Travel: 15 MORE Creative Travel Maps

They Draw and Travel: 15 MORE Creative Travel Maps

Shortly after we launched Departful last year, we shared fifteen beautifully illustrated travel maps from They Draw and Travel, a website that encourages artists to create and submit maps highlighting unique spots in some of their favourite locations around the world. Since this collection has continued to grow, we wanted to give them and their artists another nod by sharing fifteen more maps that caught our attention.

You can view more in our original post, or by visiting They Draw and Travel, which currently features over 650 different maps that are available for sale with a portion of the proceeds supporting the artists.

With that, here are fifteen more creative, and beautifully illustrated, travel maps! Let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section below.

Charleston, South Carolina, by Rob Beals


Toronto, See the World in Just One City, by Megan Marin


So Sweet Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Thailand, by Piyada Sirikul


Sindulang Waterfall, Bandung, Indonesia, by Rizal Rizal


Saint Petersburg, Russia, by Svetlana Ermakova


Philadelphia, PA, by Alison Whittington


Monument Valley, by James Orndorf


Montevideo, Uruguay, by Marcelo Mattos


Mon Montreal, Canada, by Bjorn Feldmann


Kham Chanot Forest, Thailand, by Supitcha Senarak


Keuka Lake, New York, by Lisa Jane Smith


Iceland, by Collin


Around the Balkans in Forty Days, by Alexandre Cartographik


Gourmet Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Anna Mendes


Iceland Round Trip, by Patra Tawatpol


Maps courtesy of They Draw and Travel; Thumbnail and Slider Image by Bjorn Feldmann


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