After years of exploration and travel, a brush with death brought acclaimed travel writer and television personality, Robin Esrock, to a life changing conclusion: “Wherever you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.” He explored this theme among others in his 2012 presentation at TEDxVancouver.

Whether you consider yourself an avid traveler or not, take some time to watch this talk. It might shift your perspective on where you are now, or on where you might choose to go next.

TEDxVancouver: Robin_Esrock

About Robin Esrock

Robin Esrock is a South African-born travel writer and international television personality, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Robin Esrock’s success as a global adventurer, travel writer, TV producer and international TV personality was no accident, although it did start with one. Struck down on his bike at a Vancouver intersection, Robin hobbled away with a broken kneecap, and one year later, a modest $20,000 insurance settlement. It was just enough for him pack up his things, quit his job, and set off on a one-year solo round-the-world backpacking adventure to 24 countries. He named his journey Modern Gonzo, and committed to record his year of living dangerously, with online weekly reports, photography, videos, and interviews with every person he met. In doing so, he pioneered a new era of multi-platform, switched-on and wired-in travel journalism, leading to adventures beyond his wildest dreams.

To learn more about TEDxVancouver, or to view more talks, visit the official TEDxVancouver site.

Image Courtesy of Esrock World Media; Video Courtesy of TED, via Creative Commons license “Attribution – NonCommercial – NonDerivative” licence.

A special thanks to Carlos Alcos from Matador Network for bringing this talk to our attention.


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