Top 10 ‘Harlem Shake’ Locations Around the World [VIDEO]

Top 10 ‘Harlem Shake’ Locations Around the World [VIDEO]

Top 10 Harlem Shake Locations

Like Gangnam Style, David after the Dentist, and Keyboard Cat before it, the ‘Harlem Shake’ has quickly become a viral sensation. Thankfully, just like each of these videos, within a few weeks it will take its throne as an occasional and obscure reference (possibly on Family Guy) that is otherwise completely forgotten.

Unlike many other viral videos, however, a single ‘Harlem Shake’ was not stand alone in its success. It was a ‘sensation’ more participatory in nature: a call to action urging everyone, everywhere, to act like an idiot and terrorize the dance floor. It even became a form of protest in some parts of the world; so, with little more than a camera and soundtrack at hand, countless people heeded the call.

Before the Harlem Shake fizzles all but out of existence – or returns to its rightful status as a legitimate form of dance – it seemed worth sharing how far-reaching and truly global this YouTube-driven epidemic has been. With that, here are the top 10 Harlem Shake locations from around the world:

1. The Eiffel Tower: Paris, France


2. I Amsterdam, Museumplein: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


3. The Great Wall of China


4. Lion’s Head: Cape Town, South Africa


5. Pyramids: near Cairo, Egypt


6. Machu Piccho, Peru


7. The Grand Canyon: Arizona, USA


8. Carthage, Tunisia


9. Brooklyn Bridge: New York, USA


And of course…

10. Haarlem Train Station: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Photo courtesy of Flickr, Marie. L.

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