A logo is one of the first opportunities a company has to connect with potential customers. For airlines, ensuring a logo espouses cleanliness, quality, reliability, and in some cases, national affiliation, can help differentiate it from competing carriers. Of course, as many travellers will attest, a logo is also an ongoing symbol of a company’s brand, which can quickly be soiled by that one 27 hour delay, flight cancellation, or airline staff-spat.

To stay fresh and appeal to the changing demands of travellers, most airlines evaluate and update their logo every so often. For some, like Delta, this is an ongoing project. This week, Just The Flight released a new infographic that explores the evolution of some of the world’s most recognized airline logos, with many dating back to the 1930s.

Take a look at the infographic and let us know what your favorite or least favorite airline logo is in the comment section below!

Evolution of the Airline Logo Infographic