Philadelphia Orchestra Performs in Beijing on Delayed Flight [VIDEO]

Philadelphia Orchestra Performs in Beijing on Delayed Flight [VIDEO]

There are few things travellers dislike more than being stuck in an airport due to a flight delay. Except maybe being stuck in a small plane, on the tarmac, for hours on end. This was the case for passengers in Beijing earlier this week, when a flight bound for Macao was grounded on the tarmac for three hours. Luckily for the passengers, a number of members of the Philadelphia Orchestra where on board, and decided to take matters into their own hands…literally.

To entertain the passengers, a quartet with instruments on board performed an impromptu piece by Antonín Dvorak.

Thanks to Philadelphia Orchestra members Juliette Kang (violi), Daniel Han (violin), Che-Hung Chen (viola), and Yumi Kendall (cello), for sharing their talent with the world. The Philadelphia Orchestra was travelling from Beijing to Macao as part of the 2013 Residency & Fortieth Anniversary Tour of China.

ASIDE: I wonder if the crowd would have been as pleased if I had been on board with my acoustic guitar? I’ll have to remember to try this out next time and let you know.

Video courtesy of YouTube: PhilOrchestra

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