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We love featuring the work of passionate content creators from around the world. From talented travel writers to photographers and videographers, we strive to make Departful a platform for excellent travel focused storytelling in all its forms.

Departful was born from a gathering of friends on a warm summer day in 2012. All avid travelers, we were looking for an outlet to share our experiences. We noted at the time that the majority of travel blogs were first person narratives, and more aspirational in nature. Wanting to bring thoughtful, actionable and thorough travel content to readers looking to make travel plans, we created Departful. And since our inception, we’ve continued to focus on publishing content that adds value to our readers’ travels.

Since 2012 we’ve built a tight knit community of contributors from London to Kathmandu, from Sydney to Saigon, who have played a major part in getting Departful to where it is today. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please look over our contributor guidelines and get in touch.