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  • HerePin: New App Aims To Connect Solo Travelers Around The World


    The constantly traveling team behind Departful is always on the hunt for the latest gear, apps and tools to help ourselves and our readers make the most of our respective globetrotting adventures. In our recent article ‘6 Ways Technology Has Disrupted How People Travel’, we explored the many impacts of technology...

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  • How Technology Has Disrupted Travel-3

    6 Ways Technology Has Disrupted How People Travel

    Well this is certainly familiar, I snicker to myself as I step through the threshold into Jerónimos Monastery. I ignore the uncomfortable glances brought on by my obvious conversation with myself and do a little mental math – it’s almost nine years since I was in Lisbon last, summer of 2008. That visit was near...

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  • El Nido: The Saving Grace Of A Vacation In The Philippines


    A Cautionary Tale of Travel Hype Some travel destinations live up to all the hype, others simply do not. Perhaps it’s the price we pay for having access to so many on travel planning resources. Or spending too much time being #inspired to #travel on Instagram. We risk over-planning....

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  • An Essential Guide To Taking Trains In Germany

    Taking trains in Germany is an ideal way to get around the country. Like much of Europe, the train network in Germany is expansive, connecting large cities with small towns providing the opportunity for a variety of experiences. Zipping by various towns and landscapes, trains provide travelers with the opportunity...

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  • Work & Travel: The Best Digital Nomad Cities

    Wherever you are, you’ve likely come across the term ‘digital nomad’. The idea of being able to go about your work from anywhere in the world is an enticing concept, and the digital nomad trend is gaining traction as a result. I’ve written a guide already on how to be...

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  • Gili Islands Travel: If You Build It, They Will Come


    I suddenly stop mid step. I’m not expecting this at all. First comes excitement, but dread quickly settles in. I am looking at the largest construction project on Gili Air: the future home of Lombok Villas, a massive three story complex of rooms, shops, restaurants and concrete. I’m not…

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  • Work & Travel: How To Be A Digital Nomad

    With the rise of the digital age, the ways individuals engage in work have begun to shift dramatically. The once dominant 9-to-5 office job has gone out the window, and with it, a permanent office space where you can store photos of your cats. This is the era of the...

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  • How To Cope If You Love To Travel But Hate Traveling

    I not only love to travel, I love the act of physically traveling. Whether flying, driving, or rolling along the rails, I truly enjoy the journey. Although I do genuinely appreciate the process, I’ve certainly had my fair share of unpleasant experiences – from broken seats forcing me to…

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  • DSLR vs Smartphone: The Travel Photography Showdown [2017 Update]

    Spend even a few minutes browsing Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see that anyone with a relatively new smartphone and the ability to frame a shot can produce what, only a few years ago, would have been considered a professional quality photograph. This increase in smartphone camera quality has…

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  • How to be a Plastic Maverick: Credit Card Miles for Beginners

    In today’s world of consumer-focused business strategies and seemingly desperate marketing campaigns, consumers have a mountain of decisions to make every day and companies are constantly battling it out for market and customer allegiance. In the past, this was restricted to your traditional consumer goods. But today, everything...

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