Over the last decade, budget airlines have become the norm in many countries around the world, making travel widely accessible to anyone with a few extra Euros, Rand, or Rupees. Of course, if you need to bring anything with you on your trip, well, that’s a different story.

While it’s no surprise that discount carriers can charge hefty prices for checked, or even carry-on, luggage, understanding these how these fees differ from airline to airline can save you more than a few bucks, not to mention the embarrassment of being called out to pay while checking in.

To help you with your planning, WhichAirline recently released an infographic with the inside scoop on some of the biggest players cheap flying. Of course, since you’ll probably pack at least a few things regardless of the price, you can also check out our tips for traveling with carry-on luggage: Carry All with Carry-On: 12 Step Program to Travel with Less

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This infographic was made by WhichAirline.com


JP Bervoets

JP Bervoets

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