William Blake once wrote that “To create a little flower is the labor of ages.” To create a monster out of little flowers, well… you can leave that to the Dutch.

Every year, the town of Zundert, once the hometown of Vincent Van Gogh, hosts a renowned flower parade, or Bloemencorso, that boasts some of the world’s most spectacular flower-made floats.

The parade pits village against village as 20 local hamlets compete to become the region’s foremost flower-float-fabricators; their only rule? All of the floats must be made of dahlias.

Working within these rules means that slapping a few flowers on your old truck the night before and sending it off into the world is simply not an option. Each float is the end product of months of work, by hundreds of people voluntarily sorting tens of thousands of flowers in dusty festival tents. Of course, they’ll be the first to tell you that the Bloemencorso is about more than flowers and glory. According to the parade’s official website, “It’s about solidarity, passion and emotion at the different hamlets. And about beer and frikandellen.”

While this year’s parade is over, you haven’t missed your chance to experience the excitement. You can check a video below of this year’s parade.

Photos Credited to Bloemencorso Zandert