There are few things that make one want to pack up and travel more than winter weather. In fact, this year alone, it’s expected that winter travel by US citizens will increase by 28% from 2011 figures. While some will bravely pack up their boots, goggles, and winter gear and head to the nearest mountain, others will want to get as far away as possible from any semblance of snow. The question is, where to go?

To help answer this, the Hospitality Management Program at Concordia University St. Paul, released an infographic looking into some of the ‘hottest’ tourist destinations that Americans plan to visit this winter. The odd part is, few are actually hot. While some, like Palm Beach, Aruba, and San Juan, Puerto Rico boast more palatable climates, New York and London top the charts for domestic and international travel, respectively. Oddly, neither have a beach or a mountain. Check out these, and other top destinations in the infographic below.

Are you planning any winter travel this year? If so, let us know where in the comment section below. Also, we’re curious to what extent the weather/temperature plays an important role in your decision making.


JP Bervoets

JP Bervoets

JP has spent the last decade working in the not-for-profit sector and has called Canada, the Netherlands and South Africa home. He’s travelled to over 30 countries and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His interests include photography, cycling, playing guitar and working on Departful. JP co-founded the site in 2012.

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