[highlight]Welcome to the new Departful! After a few weeks of testing, we’re excited to welcome you to the new version of our site – one that we hope will deliver a great experience, across devices, around the world.[/highlight]

A little under two years ago, and after a few pints, a small group of friends based in Toronto decided to shut down their individual blogs, pool their efforts, and to try to create the type of site we’d want to visit . While we had a rough idea of what we wanted that site to look and sound like, we had exactly zero readers and simply made do with the skills we had. Since then, a lot has changed.

While Departful is still fuelled by a fine mix of beer and coffee, each month more and more people visit our site to get unique travel ideas, perspectives, and visual content to inspire and inform their travels. For this we are endlessly grateful. With this growing support, we wanted to make sure that Departful continues to provide strong, visually stunning content on every device, no matter who’s visiting. With this in mind, we’ve rebuilt Departful from the ground up and, after a few weeks of testing, we’re excited to welcome you all to the new Departful!

Here is a quick look at a few of the changes:

Big Media


Let’s face it, while the nature of print is changing fast, magazines don’t have loading times and have long benefitted from big, bold, images and clean, beautifully designed layouts. In the online world, this hasn’t always been the norm and many sites continue to condense incredible travels experiences into less than stellar online ones. To us, this just doesn’t line up.

With our redesigned site, we’ve drastically increased the quality and size of the images and videos featured across our site. We’ve also worked on developing new layouts that bring the design savvy of print to the world of online travel blogging. With these changes, we’re working hard to ensure that our load times stay quick, no matter where you’re traveling.

Great On Mobile


Today, almost 50% of our traffic comes from a phone or tablet. While we’ve always been mobile friendly, we’ve taken some big steps forward to ensure that text, photos, and video are responsive across our site and across the myriad of devices used to visit Departful. With that said, more than 500 different devices have been used to access our site in the last year alone, so we will continue to work on ensuring our site works when you need it to.

Endless Content


Unlike the day-to-day news, great travel advice doesn’t expire after a few days or weeks. While we continue to post new content each week, we added endless scrolling on our homepage to help you find great content, even if it’s a few months old.

We’re Far From Finished

While the new Departful is now online, we are far from finished. Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to continue adding new features, tweaking the design, and working to make sure our site is running quickly and smoothly for everyone: whether you’re accessing it on a pay-by-minute hostel computer, from your phone on a packed train, or from your tablet as you drink on a beach somewhere warmer than Toronto.

As we continue to optimize the site, we want your feedback. Whether you would like to see a new feature on our site, or something isn’t performing as well as you’d like, please let us know.