Oktoberfest is more than a great festival. For many, attending Munich’s historic beerfest is an accomplishment on par with your graduation, wedding, or the birth of your first child. It’s an event that will leave you with stories that your friends and family will grow to hate as you recount them year after year; of course, you’ll need to make it through the festival with your memories in tact first. To help you along the way, we’re happy to announce the launch of the first Departful Travel Guide, The Complete Guide To Oktoberfest. This new 40 page ebook, downloadable in PDF format, covers all of the information you need to know to make the most out of Munich’s world famous beer festival, including: a look at the festival’s history; an overview and map of the grounds; an insider’s guide to each of the famous beer tents; and, detailed tips to help you travel in comfort, plan for everything, and experience Oktoberfest as it was always meant to be experienced – comfortably drunk.

Why Do I Need An Oktoberfest Guide?

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Unfortunately, not everyone has an equally incredible experience at Oktoberfest. For some, it’s too expensive, for others, too busy, and for others still, it’s simply impossible to get into any of the best beer tents. We get it. We’ve been there, and we can tell you first hand that with just a bit of good planning, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Throughout the years, our team has gained some critical knowledge about Oktoberfest and its beautiful host city. We’ve put together this Oktoberfest guide to share critical tips with fellow festival-goers in the hopes that you’ll avoid the mistakes many first timers make and arrive at the festival prepared for anything.

What Does This Oktoberfest Guide Cover Specifically?

What To Bring -Oktoberfest Guide
In A Complete Guide To Oktoberfest, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know to avoid the years of mistakes made by our now experienced team of contributors and Oktoberfest aficionados. In addition to the chapters listed below, our Oktoberfest Guide is filled with interesting facts, basic German phrases, and beautiful photos and illustrations.

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A Quick Introduction
Chapter 1: The Basics

  • Key Dates For Oktoberfest
  • The Weather
  • The Price
  • When To Go

Chapter 2: The Journey

  • Getting To Munich
  • Getting Around Munich

Chapter 3: The Grounds

  • Tents At A Glance
  • The Big Tents
  • Theresienwiese Map
  • How To Get Into A Tent
  • Once You’re In A Tent, Stay There

Chapter 4: The Drinks

  • Oktoberfest Beer Checklist
  • What If I Don’t Like Beer?

Chapter 5: The Food

  • Oktoberfoods

Chapter 6: What To Bring

  • Lederhosen For The Guys
  • Dirndls For The Girls
  • Where To Buy Your Outfit
  • What To Pack
  • What To Leave At Home

Chapter 7: The Afterparty
Chapter 8: Where To Stay
Chapter 9: Oktoberfest Tips
Chapter 10: Munich – More Than Oktoberfest

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How To Buy

To purchase a copy of The Complete Guide To Oktoberfest, visit our new online store. Once you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll email you a link to download your ebook. You can also add our Oktoberfest guide to your shopping bag by clicking the cover below.

If you have any questions about this ebook, or about Oktoberfest in general, you can always send us an

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