Each and every Friday we highlight our five favourite resources from around the internet on a particular topic, destination, or theme. As we’re really into Germany at the moment (and always) on Departful, we thought we would showcase the best of ‘German travel’ from around the web to give you some inspiration to get on over there. Enjoy.

1. Beer is king in Germany. A strong tradition and a wide variety of styles, beer in Germany can be intimidating but Serious Eats breaks it all down for you in A Beginner’s Guide to German Beer Styles explaining the difference between them all from Altbier to Weizenbock. Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the German beer purity laws by trying them all!

2. To get your fill of the classic German half timbered houses take a drive on the Framework Road, a 3,000 kilometre stretch from the north to the south of the country. To Europe & Beyond highlights the best stops on the route where you can see thousands of well preserved traditional architecture.

3. Germany is more than sausage and pretzels (although those are awesome!) and dishes are highly regional. We’re a bit obsessed with Rinah Lang’s Germany food map illustration for chef Tim Mälzer’s latest cookbook, which highlights regional specialties across the country.

4. With over 20,000 castles scattered throughout Germany, odds are that wherever you end up there will be an epic one in close proximity. While most are concentrated on waterways like the Rhine, Neckar, and Mosel rivers, Famous German Castles gives you the lowdown on the most prolific of German castles.

5. If you’re more into modern than traditional, head to Berlin – Germany’s capital for all things independent and hip. The scene in Berlin is always in flux with new things popping up all the time, but The Sunday Chapter’s Berlin Guide gives you fifty prime ideas for how to spend your time in this ever evolving city.

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