It’s time for another edition of the “Friday Five”, where we highlight five top notch articles from around the internet on a particular topic, theme, or destination. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been having a grand ol’ time focusing our energy on covering some great European destinations on Departful, and we’ve come across some articles in the process that we’ve found helpful, amusing and engaging. Here are five of our favourites to give you some Europe travel inspiration:

The Overseas Escape

1. Margot from The Overseas Escape helps travelers escape the beaten path with 10 Cute Villages In Europe (That You Haven’t Heard Of). I consider myself a quasi Europe expert having spent a significant amount of time there, but I’ve only been to three of the ten.

They Draw & Travel

2. Ditch the boring guidebook map and get your bearings instead with the unique maps from They Draw & Travel. The site features hundreds of illustrated maps created by artists who are also travel enthusiasts as well as several map books for purchase, providing the perfect travel inspiration. Here’s one of my fave’s – the Black Forest in Germany by Tina Löffler.

The Savvy Backpacker

3. Most traveler’s first introduction to Europe is through the gap year Euro trip, which ultimately involves backpacking, hostels, and a strict budgets. It can be overwhelming but The Savvy Backpacker breaks it all down for you with a Step by Step Guide to Planning Your European Backpacking Adventure.

Travel + Leisure

4. If you travel for food like we do, Travel + Leisure has you covered for where to eat in the Foodie Capitals of Europe. Highlighting the best in food, from high end to casual, across Europe’s renowned culinary cities.

The Telegraph

5. Can’t decide where to go in Europe? The Telegraph’s Jonathan Thompson visits all EU countries in under one month and writes about what makes each of them unique in 28 things I learned about Europe after visiting all 28 EU countries.

We’re Europe addicted here and our content certainly reflects it. Here’s the best of the best Europe coverage on Departful:

Rome Food Guides: Detailed guides of where to eat in Rome’s best riones.

Maintaining your Sanity While Traveling Europe in Summer: Speaks for itself.

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Our “How to be a Traveler not a Tourist” Series: Be Honest about your Reasons for Traveling, Once you’ve Seen the Sights get Far Away from them, and Do as the Locals do.