Iceland is capturing everyone’s attention these days. The stunning landscapes that transform at every turn, the unique terrain categorized by mountains, waterfalls, gorges, and caves, and the sheer vastness and solitude that the island evokes are known far and wide. I’m still mesmerized by my time in Iceland, which involved a week traversing the infamous Ring Road in a Go Campers van just a couple of months ago.

Using a Phantom 4 drone, filmmaker Yannick Calonge’s ‘Flying over Iceland’ video is so visually captivating that it borders on hypnotic. By focusing on the interior of Iceland, an area that is less inhabited and less visited due its relative inaccessibility, ‘Flying over Iceland’ provides a view that most would be unable to obtain. Take a look for yourself and see what I mean.

Take a look at Calonge’s other videos on his Vimeo page here.

Video courtesy of Vimeo: Yannick Calonge; photos displayed are video screenshots.