Travel is awesome. Plain and simple.

As the world becomes smaller, even the most remote areas have moved within the reach of the average traveler. As a result, there is no shortage of incredible and inspiring places to explore and experience. While there are endless tools, apps and algorithms to help us locate new locales, we believe that the honest and thoughtful advice of fellow travelers is still the best place to turn when asking the question: Where should we go next?

With this in mind, we decided to start building a new website where travelers could share their experiences in a simple and accessible way with the hope that others might benefit and be inspired to explore the world around them. We did this because exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people are some of the best ways to broaden our perspectives, build tolerance, and learn about the world around us. Travel is also just way too much fun.

Today, after a few months working to build the type of travel site we’d want to use (and drinking loads of espresso in the process), we are proud to launch Departful. While this site is still in its infancy, and the content sparse, we’re committed to building a strong community of contributors around the world and to sharing their best stories, advice, and experiences. Here is a bit more about some of them:

JP Bervoets
JP is a communication specialist working in the not-for-profit sector. He has lived and worked in Canada, the Netherlands, and South Africa, and is regularly traveling around North America, Africa, and Europe. His interests include graphic design, blogging, cycling, playing guitar, and all things food and drink. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada where he can usually be found sitting in a coffee shop or pub.

Lauren Drea
Born and raised in Toronto, Lauren is most at home in big cities yet has a knack for seeking out rural, off the beaten path, and tourist devoid locales. Living and working abroad while completing her MBA, Lauren traveled extensively throughout Europe, further intensifying her love of travel. Likes: history (sucker for medieval cities), espresso, flying, exploring new places, and all things food. Dislikes: sunburns, the middle seat on a plane, and judgmental travelers.

Alex Rathy
Alex is a teacher, traveler, writer, baseball enthusiast and Hunter S. Thompson fanatic currently residing in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. He has lived in Canada, ‘murrica, China and South Korea and has traveled extensively throughout SE Asia. He enjoys hiking, spicy food, dance parties in the jungle, questionable hairdos, Murakami novels and has been known to appreciate a good hammock from time to time.

Patrick Ray
Pat is a beverage manager, bartender and social media promoter. He has lived in several Canadian cities, as well as Brisbane, Australia, Puebla, Mexico and Bogotá, Colombia. He has backpacked extensively throughout Latin America, and hopes to eventually own and operate a bar somewhere in that region of the world. His interests include themed parties, Hockey Night in Canada, rock climbing, hiking and coffee shops. He is a beer and cocktail aficionado, and aspires to one day find the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Phil Holdsworth
Probably a little too willing to call wherever his bag and pillow are home, Phil has explored the world, from his home bases in England and Canada, to communities across East and Southern Africa. Whether it’s a gadget or an app to improve and enhance your travels, or insider information on how to experience something off the beaten path, Phil’s the one searching it out. The last time he went to Africa, he had a data plan before he knew where he was staying.

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The Departful Team