Throughout my travels, I’ve left many destinations behind that I’d be happy to return to; some if convenient; others if the price is right. A fine few, however, demand return. They grab hold of you, and leave you with little option but to start planning your next visit before the first one even ends. Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort in Northern Thailand falls squarely into this last category.

Rabeang Pasak Chiang Mai Treehouse Resort - longan house

Secluded in the middle of a teak forest in the district of Luang Nuea, some eighty kilometres northeast of Chiang Mai, Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort lets guests to live out a common childhood dream of living in their very own treehouse.

What began as a single treehouse built by retired architect Bullsiri Suwannachin (Mr. Lee) for his family has morphed into a breathtaking compound of nine unique treehouses that will make your inner child giddy; some built for couples, others for families, and others for the adventurous constructed terrifyingly high up in the trees. Regardless of your tastes, or taste for heights, make no mistake: all are exceptional and surprisingly well equipped. Guests are welcomed and encouraged to stay in different treehouses each night throughout their stay and can expect a tour of all the houses when they’re empty.

Rabeang Pasak Chiang Mai Treehouse Resort - Cococnut 4

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Despite there being several treehouses in a close proximity to one another, you will feel entirely secluded while you’re there. Birds and babbling brooks replace the busy sounds of a not so distant Chiang Mai, and few electronics exist onsite to interrupt your new-found zen.

Always wearing the sincerest smiles, Mr. Lee and his daughter, Pinn, may just be the friendliest hosts anywhere. They take the time to acquaint themselves with each guest and go out of their way to ensure that everyone is comfortable, happy and, perhaps most importantly, well fed.

Dining Area Treehouse Resort

While dining options in the area are limited, there is really little reason to eat anywhere off the premises. A range of traditional Thai dishes are cooked up using the best of local ingredients such as fish from the nearby Mae Kuang lake. With no menu, you’ll feel as though you’re a guest for dinner, joining other visitors on Rabeang Pasak’s outdoor terrace, along with the resident dog, who may playfully attempt to steal any unguarded food.

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Well off the typical tourist path, Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort provides excellent and ample opportunities for exploration and adventure. Guests can grab a bike and set off through the small town of Doi Saket, passing by family homes, gangs of dogs, and a Buddhist temple. There is a waterfall nearby, and a lookout point to catch the breathtaking sunset. The more adventurous can opt to head into the nearby jungle to explore an ominous-looking bat cave, vibrant red sand dunes, and a stalagmite cave. It’s rare that you’ll encounter anyone else on your trek, and the feeling of total isolation can both intense and invigorating.

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If you’re staying in Chiang Mai, you can connect with Rabeang Pasak who will coordinate your transportation to and from the Treehouse Resort. Learn more about Chiang Mai travel in our Definitive Chiang Mai Travel Guide.

Photos of the Rabeang Pasak Chiang Mai Treehouse Resort courtesy of Rabeang Pasak, as well as Lauren Barth and JP Bervoets


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