There are an abundance of tours, excursions, and experiences for travelers in Iceland, so many in fact that they may outnumber the actual population of the country. Planning a trip and determining which activities to pursue can not only be daunting due to the sheer number, but also leave you with extreme fomo as you’ll inevitably have to pass most of them up. This week, we’re taking a look at the most exciting adventure activities in Iceland that top my personal bucket list.

Helicopter Tour

Seeing Iceland from the ground is great but experiencing it from above is absolutely spectacular. The diverse terrain and ever evolving landscape appear other-worldly from above. Being in the air allows you to see the country’s top natural sights in their full scope, and get a glimpse into the less trekked interior of Iceland. All of Nordurflug’s tours are top notch, but its Essential Iceland is the top of my list.

Snorkeling & Diving

Although Iceland may not seem like the most suitable diving destination, it actually offers some of the most unique experiences out there. Preeminent diving organization offers a range of diving and snorkeling tours, but their Silfra experiences are not to be missed. Explore the bright blue natural waters as you swim between two continental plates, all bundled up in a dry suit, of course.

Mountain Climbing

One of Iceland’s most extreme excursions is ascending one of its many mountains. The most reputable tour company is Icelandic Mountain Guides who offer tours to some of the country’s highest peaks. The climb to Hrútsfjallstindar Peak at an altitude of 1,875 metres is challenging but worth it for the fantastic views from the summit. While the climb doesn’t require any special skills, it is a physically demanding experience.

Exploring Ice Caves

A popular activity in the winter is exploring one of the many ice caves within Iceland’s Vatnajökull glacier. Visitors head deep into the crevasse and under the glacier into a world of ice, which appears spectacularly blue. Goecco Outdoor Adventures offers several multi day trip itineraries as well as a very long day trip from Reykjavik, which includes stops at popular sights along the South Coast in addition to ice caves.

Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing

Glacier hikes are a common tour offering in Iceland, with most heading to the Vatnajökull, the country’s largest glacier. As the name implies, participants hike atop a glacier with an experienced guide who highlights the interesting and unusual ice formations on the way. Glacier Guides offers hikes as well as ice climbing tours, a truly unique experience.

Ever done any adventure activities in Iceland?

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Adventure Activities in Iceland photo courtesy of Flickr: Kyle Mortara