Vietnam is a place near and dear to my heart. After living in Southeast Asia for nearly eight months and spending the better part of my travels in Vietnam, it’s also one of my most written about and photographed. However, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it through video, particularly the country’s popular island Phu Quoc.

One Day in Phu Quoc

For adventurous travelers looking for a sneak peek of what to expect when visiting Vietnam’s largest sand island, Phu Quoc, Hai Vu of the recently launched A Traveller’s Journal has you covered. Born in Vietnam but raised in Canada since the age of two, Hai returned to Vietnam in 2006 to connect with his roots, and he’s been collecting incredible travel experiences across the region ever since. He is a professional writer, photographer, designer, travel blogger and former musician. And with more than a few tattoos, Hai is, without a doubt, one of the coolest people I met in Vietnam. He’s also one of the kindest, sharing a few of the videos from A Traveller’s Journal with Departful.

His latest video ‘One Day In Phu Quoc‘ provides a high energy and incredibly robust first person perspective on the island. Phu Quoc, dubbed ‘pearl island’ by many, is located just off the southwest coast of Vietnam’s mainland. As the country’s largest island, it’s home to stunning beaches, fresh seafood and a hotel construction boom that’s impossible to ignore. While there are a growing number of luxury amenities on the island, there are also tons of great motorcycle trails, quaint fishing villages and thick forests for intrepid travelers to discover. Not to mention the beaches. Oh the beaches! Whether you’re coming for rustic adventure or the Ritz (currently under construction), the journey to Phu Quoc is a mere one hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City. For those unwilling to ‘splurge’ on $50 airfare, the island can also be reached via a bus/boat combo.

If Hai’s video has left you wanting more, his Pictorial Tour of Phu Quoc Island will leave you breathless. To ensure you’re up to date on the latest adventures and videos from Hai Vu, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Video and header photo courtesy of Hai Vu from A Traveller’s Journal.


Madeline Burch

Madeline Burch

Madeline was born and raised in Toronto Canada, educated in marketing, and has worked in brand management and the alcohol industry for nearly a decade. In search of great drinks, stories and photos, she has travelled to South East Asia multiple times including a recent eight month stint based in Vietnam. From luxe travel to volunteer missions, she’s interested in it all.

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