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Getting something to eat in Stockholm doesn’t have to be limited to cinnamon rolls, IKEA meatballs, open-faced sandwiches or lingonberry jam: the Swedish capital has a true smorgasbord of options (sorry, couldn’t resist), both traditional and multicultural. Here are the best local suggestions for affordable, unique food and a memorable experience eating out in Stockholm

A Local’s Guide to Stockholm’s Food Scene


Fried herring with mashed potatoes is a typical dish and something most Swedes have been served for lunch at least at school. One of the best places to enjoy this type of local comfort food come rain, hail, snow or shining sunshine, is at this food cart in Slussen, close to Gamla Stan. Fried with butter and rich in omega-3 oils, it’s possible to enjoy the herring at Strömmingsvagnen either between buns as a herring burger, with the aforementioned mashed potatoes, or on knäckebröd.

Harakiri Korven Helldog

Hot dogs are probably the favorite food of drunk Swedes, and drunkenness certainly helps if you’re planning to accept the challenge of eating a Helldog hot dog, which at 1.4 million scovilles (normal chili peppers are at around 5-6,000 for measure) just might be the hottest dog in the world. The guy who runs Harakiri Korven Helldog in Gamla Stan, Jesper, even makes you sign a disclaimer for “any damages, physical or psychological, the intense heat may cause”. However, if you manage to eat it whole without spilling any sauce, you get a free T-shirt!


This vegetarian restaurant sits on a hill next to Fotografiska museum and is known among locals for its rich daily buffet. For only 135 kr (or 195 for dinner) you can have as much healthy, eco-friendly, food as your heart desires…or your stomach will fit. With the stunning view and home-brewed organic ale, Hermans ranks high as Stockholm’s best vegetarian restaurant.


K25 is a food court located below one of the bridges in central Stockholm, and it and its 11 constituent restaurants paint a completely different picture from what you might expect. Burgers, Vietnamese noodle soups (pho), sushi, Mexican and more coexist in an industrial space that includes especially cosy amphitheatre seating. It’s a perfect solution to satisfy a group of friends with different tastes for international cuisine.

Byn Crêperie & Ciderie

Byn’s Crêperie & Comptoir du Cidre in Vasastan is a small family business that specializes in French traditional cider and boasts extensive knowledge about the history of craft cider manufacturing. Apart from its cider, which it also offers tastings of, this cute restaurant is well-loved among Stockholm locals for its crepes and galettes (similar to savoury crepes), with fillings that include roasted duck. This combination of galettes and cider might seem unusual at first glance, but is traditional in certain regions of France — Byn’s welcoming environment makes it an ideal spot to start exploring this relatively uncharted palatal territory.

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