Amsterdam is one of my favourite places in Europe. The city itself is stunning with picturesque canals, an abundance of green space, and the well-preserved and uniquely Dutch-style houses that line the streets of Amsterdam’s old city.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, Amsterdam boasts a coolness that is palpable. Indie shops selling up and coming Dutch designers, pop-up restaurants, organic coffee houses, and bustling local markets are the norm here, especially in the less touristed neighbourhoods of Amsterdam Noord, De Pijp, and the Jordaan.

Many people are drawn to Amsterdam for its eclectic mix of attractions. Renowned galleries like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh, and the Stedelijk are more than enough to fill an art-lovers schedule. History buffs can delight in an equally impressive list of historical sites, from the Royal Palace and the former headquarters of the Dutch East India Company, to the busy but touching Anne Frank House. And of course, who could forget the the infamous Red Light District or Amsterdam’s huge selection of coffee shops?

While there is certainly a lot to do in the Amsterdam, I find that the best way to truly see what the city is all about is to explore its beautiful streets on foot. On sunny days, the city really comes alive and you’ll encounter locals and expats casually boating along the canals, sprawling out with a picnic and wine in Vondelpark, or lounging the day away sipping small glasses of beer on a cafe patio. While all of the attractions mentioned above are worth a visit, save the museums and galleries for an overcast or rainy day – you’re bound to encounter one.

We recently had a chance to make a quick stop in Amsterdam and chose to spend it doing what we love to do there most: walk around and enjoy the occasional fluitje. Here are some photos we took on this uncharacteristically lovely spring day:

Departful Amsterdam-14

Departful Amsterdam-16

Departful Amsterdam-17

Departful Amsterdam-24

Departful Amsterdam-3

Departful Amsterdam-6

Departful Amsterdam-9

Departful Amsterdam-5

Departful Amsterdam-21

Departful Amsterdam-22

Departful Amsterdam-20

Departful Amsterdam-26

Departful Amsterdam-27

Departful Amsterdam-28

Departful Amsterdam-31