How To Avoid Getting Your Fingers Broken At Oktoberfest

How To Avoid Getting Your Fingers Broken At Oktoberfest

We’re really excited for Oktoberfest here at Departful – and judging by the surge of traffic checking out our suite of Oktoberfest posts, we’re guessing you are too. Unfortunately, the excitement that comes along with attending the world’s greatest beer festival often overshadows a severe occupational hazard that comes along with beer drinking – an issue that’s reached epidemic levels in recent years. Prost.

While “prost” is a phrase you’ll soon be all too familiar with, knowing how to prost, and how not to prost at Oktoberfest can mean the difference between the time of your life and the end of your life…more or less. In fact, knowing how to prost your beer is not just relevant for Oktoberfest goers, it’s an important skill that can save your fingers throughout your Bavarian travels, where one litre steins are commonplace. What’s the potentially harm inducing culprit, you ask? We’ve broken down and illustrated everything you need to know about how to cheers your beer below.

How To Break Your Fingers And Screw Up Your Oktoberfest Prost

Oktoberfest Prost: The Pickup

The one-litre glass steins are the norm at Oktoberfest, and if you’ve ever held one, you’ll know their made of thick glass that can weigh upwards of 5lbs. To manage the weight, most drinkers hold their stein by slipping their hand through the handle and around the glass, cradling it on the area where their thumb and forefinger meet.

Oktoberfest Prost: The Celebration

While this is a fine way to hold your beer, a problem arises when a round of prosting erupts. While it will feel natural to throw your glass up to bond with your fellow drinkers, holding your stein as described above will result in an entire arsenal of equally heavy glasses smashing into your fingers. This is a battle your hand will inevitably lose – especially as the force intensifies and accuracy diminishes throughout your busy day of drinking. So what should you do?

Oktoberfest Prost: The CRUNCH

How To Master Your Oktoberfest Prost

To save your fingers, as well as your day, emulate the locals by applying the following steps: Hold your beer as described above by slipping your hand through the handle and wrapping your fingers around the glass.

When a prost is initiated, put your stein down on the table and grab it by the handle, thereby protecting your fingers.

Oktoberfest Prost: Almost-There

Cheers your fellow drinkers exuberantly by clinking the bottom of the steins and announcing “Prost”! Don’t forget to look the person with whom you’re cheers-ing in the eye.

Oktoberfest Prost: The Prost

Before taking a sip, quickly place your stein back on the table and pick it up again the correct way with your hand around the glass. Now, drink!

In case you’re still a little lost, we felt it necessary to pour a few beers and show you how the perfect Oktoberfest prost is done:

Oktoberfest Prost Photos courtesy of us…Departful. No beers were wasted during the writing of this article

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  1. Amy Lynne Hayes 3 years ago

    I don’t think I ever crushed my fingers at Oktoberfest, but I have certainly given myself bruises from holding those steins! The holding techniques are as varied as the beers themselves – start with the normal hold, then slip your entire hand through the handle, then switch hands, and by the end of the festival have bruises on each arm! Great atmosphere though – would love to go again one day!

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