When we launched Departful, we set out to build a clean, well designed, user friendly site to inspire our readers to explore the world around them and to make it easy to pack up and get started. For us, photography was at the centre of this vision. Few other mediums can so easily inspire you, transport you to a new place, and kickstart a passion for travel.

Today, we’re excited to reaffirm our commitment to sharing great photography on Departful by welcoming James MacDonald, Canadian photographer, photojournalist, cinematographer and avid traveller to our team as our Photographer in Residence. Over the past few years, James’ work has been featured in a myriad of news publications including the National Post, Toronto Star and the South East Asia Globe. He has also been featured by leading travel and tourism publications including Roads and Kingdoms, Sidetracked Magazine, and Canadian Geographic.

Over the next six months, James will be sharing his photographs and stories on Departful as he travels around the world and commutes works between his homes in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Toronto, Canada. He’ll also be working with us to expand into new coverage areas and build out our vision for photography on Departful and future content platforms.

With that, we’re excited to welcome James to our team and share a few photos to kick things off. To keep up with James’ work you can follow his feed on Departful, or check out more at James MacDonald Photography.

James MacDonald - Chiang Mai

James MacDonald - Umphang Thailand

James MacDonald - Cuba

James MacDonald - Georgian Bay

James MacDonald - Chiang Mai

James MacDonald - Ho Chi Minh

James MacDonald Photography -  Chiang Mai

James MacDonald Photography - Havana