Oktoberfest is more than a great festival. For many, attending Munich’s historic beerfest is an accomplishment on par with your graduation, wedding, or the birth of your first child. It’s an event that will leave you with stories that your friends and family will grow to hate as you recount them year after year; of course, you’ll need to make it through the festival with your memories in tact first.

Last year, after years of attending Oktoberfest, our team put together The Complete Guide To Oktoberfest, a 40 page eBook of insider tips on how to make the most out of your Oktoberfest experience. This year, we’re excited to offer our 2015 guide free (download below).

What’s in The Complete Guide to Oktoberfest?

Guide to Oktoberfest 2015

In The Complete Guide To Oktoberfest, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know to avoid the years of mistakes made by our now experienced team of contributors and Oktoberfest aficionados. The Complete Guide to Oktoberfest covers: Oktoberfest Basics; The Journey; The Grounds; The Drinks; The Food; What to Bring; The After Party; Where to Stay; General Oktoberfest Tips; and more. It’s also filled with interesting facts, basic German phrases, and beautiful photos and illustrations.

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