We’re excited to share the second issue Prostly, a monthly travel magazine we launched in late 2016 that explores great places around the through their best beer, bars, and breweries. If you haven’t checked out the new site yet, here is a round up of Issue 2 to get you started.

We kicked this issue and the new year off with a short editorial piece welcoming 2017 and all that it represents, from the surreal state of global affairs 2016 left us with, to the international growth of craft beer globally; the latter of which may in fact help us cope with the former.

Three of our contributors recently embarked on a trip through Franconia, the true capital of beer in Germany. While there, we drank and ate our way around Kulmbach, Bayreuth, Erlangen and Nuremberg. The resulting article, Four Days in Franconia: A Guide to Germany’s Beer Trail, is the first write-up from this trip highlighting experiences from the historical to the gastronomical to the zythological (a fancy word for the study of beer and beer-brewing).

In Craft beer in Gwangju: Korea’s evolving taste for Mekju, Prostly contributor Shay Meinecke shares a video interview with a South Korean craft beer lover named Timi who discusses his mission to bring craft beer to Gwangju.

In Vietnam, Departful’s Southeast Asia contributor Madeline Burch supplements her expansive coverage of travel experiences in the region with a look at Saigon’s craft beer scene (hint: it’s blowing up).

Last but not least, Matt Gibson from Nickel Brook Brewery, a top notch brewery located just outside of Toronto, shares his perfect day of beer, coffee, and pizza in Hamilton and Burlington. Only an hour west of Toronto, Hamilton is in the midst of a full blown transformation.

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