If you always find yourself trying to incorporate local beer experiences into your travels, then we have a lot in common. We love seeking out beer as we travel the world, and we increasingly came across others just like us, which is why we created a platform exclusively dedicated to beer and travel: Prostly.

Prostly’s third iteration features the beer experiences of our global team, beginning with a particularly snarky editorial piece that reflects our frustration with the status quo – both in terms of global events and the winter weather that won’t release its hold on us.

If you’re similarly looking for a brief mental escape, let us transport you to Leipzig, Germany, the adopted home of Gose, craft beer’s current ‘it’ style. Aynsley takes us through the history of the beer style (and near extinction) and introduces us to the local brewery that has helped put Gose back on the map – Bayerischer Bahnhof. The brewery is set in an old train station and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Our resident Southeast Asia travel guru Madeline gives us the lowdown on Singapore’s evolving beer scene in Singapore and Craft Beer are a Match Made in Heaven. It’s a good read on how craft beer is making its mark in a country that embraces both ends of the wealth spectrum. And the logistics of opening a brewery on the 33rd floor of a building are fascinating.

Up next is Amsterdam, a destination that has been attracting imbibers for centuries. While there’s no shortage of beer in the city, our Amsterdam Beer Guide: The Best Breweries, Brown Cafes, Beer Bars and Bottle Shops recognizes the traditional beer experiences while highlighting the growing craft breweries setting up shop.

The craft beer boom is ubiquitous, seemingly spreading across the globe, from large cities to small towns. The other J.P. on our team reflects on the changing dynamics of craft beer in the other London (Ontario), a conservative Canadian city that is home to one of the country’s largest commercial brewers. While you may not know the city, the story is not unique as it’s being played out in similar towns around the world.

And finally, while we certainly love beer at Prostly we don’t discriminate against the other alcohols that help you get through the day. The inaugural article in a series aptly titled ‘Not Beer’, Departful’s photographer in residence James MacDonald shares a compelling video of a modern bootlegger in Northern Ontario.

A final note: we are a collaborative community of beer loving content creators at Prostly. If you are a brewer, beer writer, or plain old beer enthusiast, we’d love to connect with you.

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