We did a complete overhaul of Departful this summer, which included core changes like travel planning features and improved content discovery. During the rebuild, we also modernized the design and article layouts, most notably making the images significantly larger. And we want to show that off a bit.

2017 has taken our team across the world from South America to Europe, from Asia to Central America. We’ve published an astonishing number of photos across the 70 articles we’ve posted this year to date. It was hard to narrow down, but here’s a shortlist of our favourite travel photos that we published in 2017 (in chronological order):

We started off the year with several articles from Iceland. Thousands of pictures were snapped during our Iceland road trip with Go Campers, but this one approaching Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a stunner with its vibrant colours – a bit of a rarity on the island known for its brooding weather.

Post: Iceland Road Trip: The Best Ring Road Itinerary

Photo by: JP Bervoets


Also from Iceland, this abandoned shack in the country’s eastern fjords is almost shrouded completely in fog. The drive in near constant rain and fog along the east coast made this sparsely populated region hauntingly beautiful.

Post: East Iceland Travel: Exploring the East Fjords In Depth

Photo by: Lauren Barth


A final shot from Iceland to make the list. This one was taken in Arnarstapi, a small town and gateway to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, I was enamoured with the bright colour huts with their grass roofs – and the Icelandic flag blowing the right way!

Post: Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula: A Perfect Trip From Reykjavik

Photo by: JP Bervoets


Our Southeast Asia writer Madeline is our resident diver. This GoPro shot was captured on a dive liveaboard trip through the Maldives, sort of making you feel like you’re in the water right now as you read this.

Post: Is A Dive Liveaboard The Right Travel Experience For You?

Photo by: Madeline Burch


Myanmar’s principal city is changing rapidly – and welcoming an influx of tourists. Madeline got to know the real Yangon when researching her an article, and captured this picture from one of the lively markets in town.

Post: Yangon: More Than Just A Stopover For Intrepid Travellers

Photo by: Madeline Burch


An adorable shot of two girls walking hand in hand by the impressive Sandamuni Paya temple in Mandalay, featured in an article that explores Myanmar’s cultural hub.

Post: Mandalay: Exploring The Sights, Sounds And Tastes In Myanmar

Photo by: Madeline Burch


Balloons Over Bagan

I can’t think of a better way to see Bagan’s impressive landscape and some two thousand temples than by hot air balloon as Madeline did with leading tour operator Balloons Over Bagan. It’s a pricey experience but is it worth the cost? YES.

Post: Balloons Over Bagan: Flying High Above Myanmar

Photo by: Madeline Burch


Grasshopper Adventures

Not one to sit idly by, Madeline’s next adventure was a multi-day bike trip through Laos with Grasshopper Adventures. And while she captured a ton of pictures of the gorgeous terrain, I particularly like this one of her tour guide on the river while the sun is setting pouring a cold beer at the end of a gruelling day’s ride.

Post: Biking Through Southeast Asia with Grasshopper Adventures

Photo by: Madeline Burch


On a whirlwind tour of Germany’s Franconia region, the culture-rich town of Bayreuth delights with its historic centre and labyrinth of narrow cobblestoned streets.

Post: Bayreuth Travel: Experiencing Culture and Beer in Upper Franconia

Photo by: Lauren Barth


Over 95% of this Nuremberg was destroyed during WWII and subsequently rebuilt, which makes finding an original building that’s several centuries old pretty spectacular. And cool clouds, eh?

Post: Bridging the Gap Between The Past and Present in Nuremberg

Photo by: Lauren Barth


Singapore’s cocktail scene is strong, as evidenced in Madeline’s boozy tour throughout the capital. The bartender’s concentration in making the perfect drink at popular bar Jekyll and Hyde is impressive, and I can’t help but wonder what he’s concocting.

Post: Exploring Singapore’s Best Bars Through Hotel Mono

Photo by: Madeline Burch


A boy walks across a bridge in El Nido, Philippines  – a relaxed beach town on Palawan island. His playful smirk reminds me that kids are pretty much the same all over the world.

Post: El Nido: The Saving Grace of a Vacation in the Philippines

Photo by: Madeline Burch


Bangladesh Photo Travel Guide

Though rarely visited, Bangladesh proves to be an incredible place for intrepid travelers, particularly those who have a passion for photography, in this image heavy profile by photographer Etienne Bossot. While he’s given us so many stunning shots to choose from, this one of a young boy is unbelievably captivating. I implore you to check out more of his photos in the article below.

Post: Bangladesh: A Look Inside This Dream Destination For Travel Photographers

Photo by: Etienne Bossot


South Africa National Parks - Garden Route National Park

South Africa is a magical place with such a diversity of cultures and landscapes. Over thousands of images taken during a three week road trip makes it impossible to pick a favourite, though this shot from the spectacular Tsitsikamma National Park on the Garden Route is definitely up there.

Post: The Essential Guide To A South Africa Road Trip + Itinerary

Photo by: JP Bervoets


Kruger Safari Self-Drive versus Private Game Lodge - Lion

A highlight of our South Africa road trip was including many of the country’s national parks along the way – a must for any adventurer or eco traveler. This photo was snapped in Kurger National Park, and was one of several lions in a pride just a few feet from our vehicle.

Post: Exploring South Africa’s National Parks

Photo by: JP Bervoets


Curiocity Hostel Johannesburg Maboneng - Arts on Main

Mlungisi Kongisa sits in the collaborative printmaking studio, MK and Artist, at Arts on Main, an creative hub in Maboneng Precinct, one of several inner city neighbourhoods in Johannesburg undergoing an urban and cultural rejuvenation.

Post: Curiocity Hostel In Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct

Photo by: JP Bervoets


Kruger Safari Self-Drive versus Private Game Lodge - Birds

In a piece on whether go for a self-drive or private game lodge safari in Kruger National Park, I included this image of three Southern Ground Hornbills. These prehistoric looking creatures are designated as a threatened species and are a rare sighting in Krugar National Park.

Post: Kruger Safari: The Lowdown on Self-Drive versus Private Game Lodge

Photo by: JP Bervoets


Aruba's Top Beaches, Aruba Travel Why Visit Now

This sunset beach pic from Madeline’s travels to Aruba needs little explanation. Oh how I wish I was there right now.

Post: Aruba Travel: 8 Reasons to Visit the Caribbean Island Now

Photo by: Madeline Burch


Maritimes Road Trip Canadian Classic

Talented photographer James MacDonald knocked it out of the park with his photographic journey through Canada’s East Coast. This drone image of fishing boats tethered in Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia is stunning.

Post: Maritimes Road Trip: A Truly Canadian Summer Classic

Photo by: James MacDonald


Colombia Travel Guide

This image of a boy biking in the street in Salento, Colombia as the sun sets is another great shot by James. During his travels in Colombia, he captured many spectacular photos, particularly of the country’s magnificent national parks, so be sure to check them out as well.

Post: Colombia Travel Guide: Exploring Picturesque Towns & Astonishing Nature

Photo by: James MacDonald


San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s top beach town San Juan del Sur has a lot going for it, as evidenced by James Macdonald’s recent piece. This shot of boys playing volleyball at sunset on the town’s main beach is probably my favourite photo published on our site this year.

Post: Surf & Sunsets in Juan del Sur – Nicaragua’s Top Beach Town 

Photo by: James MacDonald


San Cristobal de las Casas Travel Guide

The city of San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico’s Chiapas region is steeped in culture and washed in colour. Located some 7,000 feet above sea level, it’s a town that many expats are drawn to.

Post: San Cristobal de las Casas: A Travel Guide to this Magical Mexican Town

Photo by: Lauren Barth


Puerto Escondido Travel Guide

The sunsets in the Mexican beach town of Puerto Escondido are epic, and this one off of Carazilillo beach seems appropriate to conclude this photo roundup.

Post: Puerto Escondido Travel Guide: An Idyllic Beach Town on Mexico’s Oaxacan Coast

Photo by: Lauren Barth

Header image by James MacDonald