We’re celebrating cozy pubs in the November issue of Prostly, our sister site. Prostly is an online magazine dedicated to beer and travel, which is published in monthly issues. We feature stories and content from writers around the world enthralled with beer for your enjoyment.

As the weather turns cold, there’s little more idyllic than a cozy local pub. Dark wood, soft lighting, and friendly locals set the scene – though a crackling fire wouldn’t be at all out of place. Many cultures have their own variation of this – a casual bar full of character that works for a quick pint or a lingering night amongst friends. We love pubs so much that we’ve made them the focus of our most recent issue of Prostly.

Where else would we begin than in Ireland, a country who’s version of a pub has infiltrated nearly all corners of the globe? Local Kevin Gleeson gives us the lowdown on the best beer establishments Dublin has on offer from traditional pubs to craft beer bars.

From there let’s head to Iceland, whose weather at any time of the year may have you yearning for a cozy spot. We’re featuring a spotlight on craft beer brewer Borg Brugghús and their bar Skúli in Reykjavik, told from the perspective of a sleep deprived traveler.

Brown cafes are ubiquitous across the Netherlands, known for their dark wood interiors, and yummy bar snacks, and small beer glasses. Borrel, Canada’s first Dutch brown cafe, has opened its doors in Toronto, offering local craft beer, traditional food, and the coziest of ambiances.

Wrapping up, we move to Quebec – one of North America’s top beer regions, and explore its capital Montreal. We’re giving you a blueprint for your very own craft beer adventure in Montreal featuring many of the city’s best breweries (and a few other bonus recommendations too!).

That’s it for November’s edition of Prostly. If you’re interested in working with us or contributing, connect with us. And sign up for our newsletter to get our monthly edition directly.


Header image courtesy of Flickr: Gordon