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Tallinn, Estonia: one of the world’s northernmost capitals. Its extreme latitude makes summers extra bright and winters extra dark, and life doesn’t slow down after sunset as can be quickly deduced by Tallinn’s high number of bars for a city its size. Follow the locals and discover a few beloved drinking spots around town. 

A Local’s Guide to Tallinn’s Best Bars

A Local's Guide to Tallinn's Best Bars

Noku Klubi

This bar’s history goes back to Soviet times and has been a gathering spot for artists and the cultural folk of the city. For years it was only accessible to members, but recently Noku Klubi opened up to a more general audience. The style is clearly vintage, with a warm ‘70s vibe, low lights and a calm atmosphere in this two level bar, perfect for a drink with friends. You can’t miss the blue-on-red door on Pikk street, but to enter you’ll need the code: 2580 – use with respect.

A Local's Guide to Tallinn's Best Bars

Paar Veini

Paar Veini literally means “A few (glasses of) wine”. It’s a bar in the heart of the Old Town that serves wine on tap in glasses as well as in 0.5L or 1L carafes. Typical snacks include meat and cheese platters and sushi, which goes really well with wine and is recommended. In the evening, Paar Veini becomes a slightly bohemian music and party venue and it’s not unusual for people to dance until 03:00 on weekends and on the occasional weekday.

A Local's Guide to Tallinn's Best Bars

Pudel Bar

Tallinn is going through a beer revolution (as is half the world, let’s face it!) and Pudel Bar is one of the city’s best spots to enjoy it. In fact, it’s run by James Ramsden, who can be credited with kicking off the craft beer culture in the country. Situated in Kalamaja Telleskivi street in a two-storey building at the back of a former factory, with one of the widest selection of microbrewery creations from Estonia and ales from all over the world, Pudel Bar is as close to beer heaven as one can possibly get.

A Local's Guide to Tallinn's Best Bars

DM Baar

It might come as a surprise that Depeche Mode – yes, the British electronic band – is as successful as it is in this part of the world, but for an Estonian it’s completely normal, even obvious, that there would be a bar dedicated to the band. Since ‘99, DM Baar has been playing Depeche Mode non-stop and in the meantime has actually become one of the Tallinn’s best-known cult bars, even internationally. Still, its quirkiness and uniqueness make it worth visiting, especially if you (don’t?) Enjoy the Silence.

A Local's Guide to Tallinn's Best Bars

Hell Hunt

The name of “Estonia’s first pub” has nothing to do with the devil, though it’s not completely unrelated to hounds: Hell Hunt actually means ‘the gentle wolf’ in Eesti, and is a solid choice for decent pub food and a pint of its own Hell Hunt Lager. It’s usually quite busy with tourists as well as locals, but its liveliness is authentic and caters to different tastes (if you can stomach or perhaps enjoy the post-gothic aesthetic). Be sure to grab a sofa seat, if you can find one available.

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