Throughout the past year we’ve featured authentic local guides to over a dozen cities across Europe and North America, written by the great folks at Spotted by Locals. If you haven’t come across Spotted by Locals when visiting a new destination, you’ve been missing out on amazing, locally sourced tips and recommendations on what to see and do in over 65 cities. The Spotted by Locals site features a hub per city, each with multiple in-the-know ‘spotters’ who share their favourite places alongside ones that are beloved by locals in their hometown.

We’ve been fans of Spotted by Locals for awhile now. It’s how I found a trendy bar in Rome’s Trastevere district a few years back and the best barbacoa in Mexico City for my upcoming trip. An app for each city is available too, which allows for offline access to all of the suggested local spots and an interactive map. For $3.99 per city, it’s an unbelievable deal considering all the time and money you waste trying to navigate a new city and avoid the inevitable tourist traps. What’s perhaps most appealing is that new spots are being constantly added so you know what you’re finding is up to date, meaning you won’t end up somewhere that was cool five years ago but isn’t anymore.

Here’s a look at all of the Local’s Guides we’ve shared on Departful:

A Local’s Guide to Riga: Exploring Latvia’s Hip & Historic Capital

Riga is increasingly on the tourist radar for those-in-the-know looking to explore innovative cuisine, modern art and inspiring design.

A Local’s Guide to New York City: Finding the Old in the New

New York will always be a place for the latest and greatest, but those looking for a dose of nostalgia should follow the locals’ advice to the tried-and-true mainstays that have remained relevant for years despite the changing times.

A Local’s Guide to London: Alternatives to the City’s Top Attractions

Local's Guide to London - Kensington Palace

London is always a tourist haven so locals have found ways to enjoy their city while avoiding the crowds by embracing less mainstream galleries, neighbourhood markets and quirky pubs.

A Local’s Guide to Rome: Sightseeing for Pizza Lovers

Rome Local's Guide Pizza Borghese

There’s an extraordinary number of things to see and do in Rome but visitors should take time to sample the local cuisine. This guide offers five excellent pizza options, each near a prominent Roman attraction that you’ll likely find yourself at.

A Local’s Guide to Barcelona: What to See and Do in Summer

Escape the heat in one of Europe’s most popular summer destinations by lounging on the beach, getting a taste of Barcelona’s trendy food scene and exploring the city’s less visited neighbourhoods.

A Local’s Guide to Amsterdam: Where to Avoid Tourists in the City Center

Local's Guide To Amsterdam-Hangar

Tourists in Amsterdam always seem to congregate in the city centre but locals know to head a little further out to enjoy the coolest eateries, unique shops and all around good vibes.

A Local’s Guide to Lisbon: Where to Catch the City’s Best Views

A Local's Guide to Lisbon: Bairro Alto

As a city built on a hill, Lisbon promises two things: lots of inclines and excellent views. This list is a mix of restaurants, museums and neighbourhoods that all provide spectacular views of the picturesque city.

A Local’s Guide to Athens: Exploring the City’s Top Nightlife

Athens NightlifeAthens is a city that knows how to have a good time, evidenced by the number of locals you’ll see out and about in the evenings, having a drink (or two!) at one of the city’s eclectic bars.

A Local’s Guide to Venice: Where to Weather the Tides of Tourists

Venice Local's Food Guide

In a city where the local to tourist ratio is completely skewed, Venetians have managed to keep some of the best spots local, steering clear of the gondolas and tourist traps.

A Local’s Guide to Frankfurt: 5 Tips for Uncovering the Best of the City

Frankfurt Local's Guide

Frankfurt’s reputation for being boring has set it back from other German travel destinations like Munich and Berlin, but as local’s know there’s a lot to love in the city if given the chance.

A Local’s Guide to Ljubljana: Exploring Slovenia’s Culturally Rich Capital

A Local's Guide to Ljubljana

Slovenia’s popularity has grown drastically over the past decade, in particular drawing travellers to its engaging capital where they can find many locally run restaurants, bars and shops.

A Local’s Guide to Stockholm: Five Food Experiences Not to Miss

As local’s know there’s more to the Swedish capital’s food scene than Ikea meatballs. From street vendors to avant garde cuisine, Stockholm has a literal smörgåsbord of food offerings to satisfy the hungry traveler.

A Local’s Guide to Tallinn: The Best Bars in the Estonian Capital

Tallinn's Best Bars

The number of bars in Tallinn is truly astounding for a city of its size, indicating that locals enjoy a refreshing beer or stiff drink at the end of the day, whether it be at a Soviet era bar or one dedicated entirely to Depeche Mode.

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