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If you asked people which city they consider to be the vegan capital of the world (regardless of how many people have ever really pondered this), few would name or even consider Tel Aviv. A true shame: it’s not just that Israel has taken traditional, typically vegan Middle Eastern dishes such as falafel and hummus and launched them to the next level, plant-based diets in general have become a true way of life for many Israelis, ranking amongst the countries with the highest percentage of vegans. Here are some local recommended Tel Aviv vegan spots that will intrigue you regardless of whether you’re actually vegan.

A Local’s Guide to Tel Aviv Vegan Restaurants

Tel Aviv Vegan

Cafe Birenbaum

This long-running family business became a pioneer back in the ‘80s when it became one of the first restaurants to cater to the then novel wave of healthy eaters by converting itself into a vegetarian cafe. It never looked back. Cafe Birenbaum’s main attraction nowadays is its daily brunch / lunch buffet featuring 40 (!) for the most part vegan salads and stews. What sets this spot apart is that it offers this lunch deal even on Fridays, a day when few other places invite you to eat all you can.


Many Telavivians have their own favourite vegan burger place even if they’re not fully vegan themselves, so there’s understandably been quite some competition for the best meatless burger in Tel Aviv in the last few years. Rainbow, a relatively new player in the cut-throat field, seems to have made a big splash already. Its signature soy and mushroom patties have the consistency of the real thing, if that’s what you’re after, though many vegans are against meat even if it’s ‘fake’.

Tel Aviv Vegan

HaKhatul HaYarok

Admittedly, truly vegan pizza is not something one gets to see very often. Yet that is exactly what HaKhatul HaYarok (‘The Green Cat’) is committed to. The pizzas themselves are of the highest standard, with perfect dough, an assortment of healthy toppings, cashew mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce. Go for the mushrooms with seitan. The extra detail that makes all the difference: they bring tap water in Bushmill’s bottles.

Tel Aviv Vegan


Nanuchkanamed after the owner Nana Shrier, is a Georgian restaurant. If you know anything about Georgian cuisine, you’ll know that it’s many things, but vegan-friendly is not one of them. However, Nana broke ground in 2014 when she turned vegan and adjusted her business accordingly, resulting in perhaps the first (and only?) vegan Georgian restaurant in the world. There’s a Soviet-inspired dining area and a more casual bar where different DJs take over each night. The cutlery and pilaf dishes are not to be missed, and Kindzmarauli wine comes highly recommended.

Tel Aviv Vegan

Falafel HaKosem

This small tribute to Tel Aviv vegan eateries would be incomplete without at least some mention of falafel; there’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to this vegetarian classic, which makes picking just one locale an especially difficult task, though Falafel HaKosem is definitely in the short-list for the best crispy chickpea balls in Tel Aviv. Local tip: get the lafa bread filled with tahini, hummus, vegetables and a staggering ten falafels, and always say yes when asked if you want fried eggplant slices on the side.

A Local’s Guide to Tel Aviv Vegan Eateries by Ted Eytan, Happy in Tel Aviv, and Igor Lenivtsev.

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