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Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo making it Europe’s youngest capital. The country’s predominantly Albanian population unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia in 2008 (although its status remains disputed; Serbia still considers it an autonomous region), and has been recognised as a separate entity by 113 UN member states. The war 20 years ago still lends this city a dark reputation, but the truth is, as always, far more complex – and interesting. Not only is Prishtina Europe’s youngest capital, but it’s also true of its population: 42% of Prishtinites are younger than 24 years old. And you know what that means, right? Prishtina might not be pretty, but its nightlife is joyful and unpretentious. Here are some local tips to help you understand why this misunderstood city is worth checking out if you like your nights long and blurry.

A Local’s Guide to Prishtina’s Nightlife

Prishtina Pristina Travel Nightlife

Zone Club

Zone Club is pretty much the most famous nightclub in Pristhtina and has hosted many DJs and artists of international fame. It moves depending on the season, located near the city centre when it’s colder and moving when the weather is warmer out to the ‘industrial zone’, where even locals would recommend you go by taxi. Interesting fact: many Kosovar emigrants that now live in countries like Germany or Switzerland return to the country in summer and don’t miss the chance to show off their wealth, so get ready!

Prishtina Pristina Travel Nightlife

Rilindja Warehouse

Rilindja used to be a printing house with quite the important history: it was where the first newspaper in Albanian was printed in the ‘80s and ‘90s – a huge deal back then – and became one of the most important and largest in the Balkans. After having been abandoned, it was ‘rescued’ by the NGO Hapësira, which opened up the deserted space to a new and younger audience, and nowadays Rilindja Warehouse is a hotspot for different techno events throughout the year.

Zanzi Jazz Bar

‘Legendary’ Zanzi Jazz Bar is probably Prishtina’s oldest entertainment venue and it’s right in the city centre. It’s always packed after 11pm and the party goes on till the early hours (apart from Sunday, when it’s closed). Despite the name, its repertoire is not limited to jazz (you can tell from the eclectic picture frames featuring the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince and Mohamed Ali!), yet for many locals it’s synonymous with a great night out.

Prishtina Pristina Travel Nightlife

Hamam Jazz Bar

Another “jazz bar” that isn’t really one! With its overlapping cracked mud ceiling panels and earthy tones, Hamam Jazz Bar was selected for having one of the “top 5 bar designs in the world” in 2013. It has hosted international artists and bands such as OTHERKIN and Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers, and its cocktails, though a bit expensive (relative to other bars in Prishtina, that is, though a beer costs 2€), have their own following.

Soul Bar / Te Xhoni

This spot’s official name is Soul Bar but everyone knows it as Te Xhoni (“Johnny’s”) and nobody has a clue where the names actually come from. It opens after 10pm and generally stays open until sunrise every single day, with weekends and Wednesdays being the most popular. The rest of Prishtina is conquered by techno and electronic music, but apparently Johnny had a soft spot for soul and funk, which the DJs play on exclusively ‘80s turntables.

A Local’s Guide to Prishtina’s Nightlife courtesy of Bart, Hamam Jaz Bar, Hapësira, Art Koci, Zanzi Jazz Bar, and Zone Club

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