Copenhagen is a neat city paved with cobblestone streets, bike lanes and taintless streets. Everything looks and actually is in apple-pie order. That’s why at first glance, newcomers usually believe that every neighborhood is identically the same. Well, nothing could be further from the truth and this guide to Copenhagen neighborhoods is here to prove it.


Being the neighborhood of people from different countries as well as Danes, Nørrebro is known as the city’s multicultural district. And you can feel it everywhere. First off, from its gastronomic scene. Nørrebrogade, the area’s main street is lined up with Copenhagen’s most popular kebab and pizza takeaways. Then it’s Jægersborggade street which is home to stylish restaurants including the Michelin-starred restaurant Relæ and if you roam the narrow alleys you’ll from Thai and sushi to Ethiopian and France cuisine eateries. The cozy bars and cafés along Blågårdsgade, a little pedestrianized street are always packed especially on sunny days when Copenhageners soak up some sun at the outdoor tables. In Nørrebro, you’ll also find some of the city’s top second-hand stores and elegant fashionable boutiques. At night smoky bodegas and sophisticated wine bars attract a mixed crowd, keeping the area until the small hours.

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Before it got gentrified, Vesterbro was Copenhagen’s shady neighborhood filled with sex shops and strip clubs. Even though the district’s notorious past is still apparent, nowadays, hip hostels, brunch hotspots and tattoo stores outnumber the infamous hangouts. Vesterbro brims with design stores and clothing boutiques so this is where you’ll see the city’s fashionistas. Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District is located in Vesterbro but it feels like a separate area. It boasts its own art galleries, cocktail bars and fancy restaurants, making it one of the top Copenhagen neighborhoods to visit.


Impressive apartment buildings with backyards lined up alongside fancy restaurants and high-end boutiques it’s the first thing you’ll see once you enter Frederiksberg. You’ll probably assume that you’re in Copenhagen’s posh neighborhood and you’ll be right. Here resides the city’s upscale crowd but all Copenhageners love this area as it’s one of the most beautiful districts in the city. Frederiksberg Gardens, one of the most impressive green spaces in Copenhagen lures locals and tourists all year round but especially in the summertime, it’s jam-packed.


Nyhavn needs no introduction as it’s the most touristic district in Denmark. The colorful houses lining up by the waterfront is one of the most instagrammable spots in Copenhagen so chances are you’ve already seen a photo of Nyhavn. Even though I wouldn’t recommend grabbing your lunch here since all restaurants are super expensive, taking a stroll along the canal is a must. After all, even though Nyhavn is nowadays a touristic attraction it used be Hans Christan Andersen’s neighborhood and the place of the world’s still operating oldest tattoo studio.

neighborhoods guide Copenhagen

City Center (Indre By)

The city center or as locals call it “Indre By” isn’t just unbearably charming but it also has an abundance of things to see and do. Historical and architectural landmarks such as Rosenborg Slot and Christiansborg Palace and world-class museums such as the National Museum of Denmark and Ny Carlsberg Glypoteket come into view one after another. When you’re done visiting the must-see attractions explore the hidden narrow streets and let the authentic side of the city center allure you. Jazz bars and coffee shops adjoin cocktail bars, takeaways and fancy restaurants composing the scenery in Copenhagen’s city center.

Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania is the only district that looks nothing like the rest neighborhoods. Here the city’s fairy-tale apartments give way to small handcrafted houses and stylish boutiques to artisans’ workshops. Since the ‘70s that a group of hippies occupied the area which at the time used to be a military base, Christiania became Copenhagen’s autonomous neighborhood. The Pusher Street, commonly known as Green Light District where cannabis trade takes place usually monopolizes the tourists’ interest. However, there are much more to see in the car-free hippy neighborhood. Music venues with graffiti painted walls, cozy vegetarian restaurants and the city’s best skatepark are the things that make Freetown Christiania unique.

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Quiet and tranquil, Østerbro is a favorite neighborhood among families. There aren’t many hip places or bustling nightclubs here and therefore you won’t see many tourists strolling around with cameras on hand. Well, except of course, if you’re visiting the Little Mermaid where you’ll see only tourists with cameras on hand. If you want to take a taste of how Copenhageners spend a Sunday morning, head to the cute little Bopa Square for breakfast and take a relaxed walk in the neighborhood’s peaceful streets. Fælledparken, one of the most popular parks in the city is located in Østerbro. Whether you’ll visit the area or not, Fælledparken should be on your to-do list especially if you’re lucky enough to see Copenhagen on a sunshiny day.


Nordvest (North West) is located northeast of Norrebro and is Copenhagen’s upcoming district. There aren’t important landmarks to see here nor fancy clothing store but this area has the air of an authentic neighborhood in Copenhagen. There some local cafés and small bars amid grocery stores and takeaways. The area is also home to Bispebjerg Cemetery, one of the few places around Copenhagen that have Japanese cherry trees. At the moment there is only one fancy restaurant in Nordvest TribecaNV, but everything shows that this is about to change soon.


Refshaleøen is the hippest of Copenhagen neighborhoods at the moment. Being recently gentrified, the former industrial area brims now with high-end restaurants, co-working spaces, beer bars and the city’s street food market. With tables by the waterfront, high-quality wine and a wood-fired sauna La Banchina is one of locals’ real favorite hangouts in the area. For a few days in June, Refshaleøen gets particularly packed when Copenhell take place attracting metal fans from all over the globe.

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An Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen Neighborhoods photos courtesy of Mark Hougaard Jensen / Flickr, Nick Karvounis / Unsplash, Schorle / Wikimedia Commons, Orf3us / Wikimedia Commons, Sladjana Karvounis / Unsplash