While Denmark is surrounded by water, it probably isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think of sandy coasts with turquoise waters. Not before you read this article at least. Travelers usually don’t know that there are thousands of hidden and crowded beaches all over the country ideal for every taste and type of vacation. Whether you want to join kitesurfers in the north of the country or enjoy the sunshine on one of the smaller islands in the south, the top beaches in Denmark will leave you astonished.

On Zealand Island

Being the largest island in Denmark and home to Copenhagen, Zealand is the most popular destination in the country. Dozens of beaches and some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes are spread from the top of the island to its southernmost point. North Zealand which is known as ‘The Danish Riviera’ is a locals’ favorite summer destination and the ideal one-day trip from Copenhagen. With 100 kilometers coastline, you’re never too far from a beach in North Zealand. Tisvildeleje, one of the most child-friendly beaches in the region, the blue-flagged beach, Liseleje and Rågeleje with the heather-covered sand hills on the backdrop are the most popular.

Copenhagen boasts its own magnificent beaches with Amager Beach Park being the most popular while Harbour Baths are located in a stone’s throw away from the city center.

Adjusted to South Zealand lies the island of Møn where the six kilometers long chalk cliffs named Møns Klint stretch along the Baltic sea. On the pebble beach on the foot of the cliffs, visitors can see 70 million years old fossils as well as snorkel and sail. For a relaxed day at the beach, head even southern and visit the Falster island.

top beaches in Denmark

On Funen Island and The South Funen Archipelago

Fyn, Denmark’s third largest island has its own natural beauties including, of course, sugar-coated beaches. In summer, Kerteminde’s Nordstranden beach which is located close to Odense, the birth town of Hans Christian Andersen lures locals and tourists. The sandy beach with shallow waters is particularly popular among families with kids.

Real wanderlusters seeking for a unique experience should head to Æbelø island on the top of Funen. The only way to reach the uninhabited island and enjoy a dive surrounded by a green forest is by hiking. When the tide is high, you can rent a sailing boat or take the official ferry.

The South Funen Archipelago consists of 55 islands and each one of them has its unique atmosphere and character. Ærø with its colorful 18th-century houses and serene landscapes looks like straight out of a fairytale. It’s one of the most romantic islands in Denmark and a popular honeymoon destination. Søby Beach, Vesterstrand and Erikshale are ideal for a relaxed walk or a whole day at the beach.

top beaches in Denmark


The small island of Bornholm off the south coast of Sweden is one of the most beautiful places – and where you can find some of the most idyllic beaches in Denmark. Sandy beaches cross paths with scenic fishing villages and charming towns. There are so many serene, sandy beaches around the island that naming just a few don’t do justice to the island’s magical scenery. However, if you’re a short escape to Bornholm and don’t have the required time to explore every corner, Boderne and Dueodde beach on the southern tip of the island, Antoinette Beach north of Rønne and the beaches of Allinge-Sandvig town at the northernmost part will do the trick and introduce you to the island’s jaw-dropping scenery.

top beaches in Denmark

On Jutland Island

The Jutland peninsula is filled with both tourist destinations and hidden spots that are worth a place in every visitors’ to-see list. Blåvand Beach is an endless span of sand and the ocean. It stretches for 24 miles (40 kilometers) along the country’s western coast and with Hvidbjerg Strand Camping & Resort right next to the beach it makes the ultimate summer destination.

Rømø Island

It’s difficult to imagine that the tiny island of Rømø southwestern of the Jutland peninsula is home to one of the largest sand beaches in Northern Europe but it’s true. With sand and the sea as far as the eye can reach, Lakolk beach provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in and by the water luring kitesurfers and windsurfers from all over the country.

Klitmøller Beach

Klitmøller beach has been dubbed as the ‘Cold Hawai’ due to its high waves that are ideal for windsurfing and other extreme water sports. Hosting international windsurfing competitions, this rough beach at the northwest part of the peninsula has become internationally known over the past few years and has become a meeting point for professional and beginners surfers from all over the globe.

top beaches in Denmark

Hou beach

On the other side of the peninsula, lies another popular but quite different style beach. Hou beach spans six kilometers and has all the necessary facilities for a day at the beach while the Hou Strand Camping, which is set nearby is the perfect accommodation for those planning to spend a few days in the Danish nature.

The northern part of Jutland is home to dramatic landscapes. The wild north sea at the west part of the peninsula forms the roughest beaches while the east coast drenched from the Kattegat sea is considered to be the region’s mild side. Skagen, the northernmost city of Denmark is surrounded by blue-flagged beaches including the spectacular Hulsig, Kandestederne – Skiveren, Skagen Sønderstrand and Løkken.

top beaches in Denmark

The Top beaches in Denmark to Visit This Summer photos courtesy of 11thearlofmar / Wikimedia Commons, Godehard Ruppert / Flickr, ©Destination Bornholm, Mark Wengler / Visit Denmark, Mette Johnsen  / Visit Denmark, Niclas Jessen / Visit Denmark