It may take awhile for summer to arrive in Denmark but when it does you realize it was totally worth waiting. From early June Copenhagen wears its summer dress with colorful flowers and blooming trees taking the winter blues away. Locals pour out of their Scandinavian-decorated homes into the streets and for as long as the sun hits the Danish sky, the city brims with life.

Many festivals and events take place during the summer months, making this season even more beloved among Copenhageners but even if when there is nothing on the calendar, Danes have an abundance of charming outdoor hangouts to get their daily dose of vitamin D. If you’re planning your visit, here are the top things to do in Copenhagen in Summer.

Have a picnic at one of Copenhagen’s green parks

The Danish capital has numerous parks ideal for these sunny days during summer. Frederiksberg Gardens and Fælledparken are the two largest green spaces in Copenhagen and even though they lure hundreds of people they never feel packed. Ørstedsparken, a small scenic park in the heart of the city center is another top choice for setting your picnic blanket and sun yourself. Spanning around a lake and filled with a great variety of trees, Ørstedsparken feels like it’s miles away from the city’s hustle and bustle. You’ll also see dozens of people lying on the grass at the King’s Garden (Kongens Have) right in front of Rosenborg Castle. The country’s oldest royal gardens that in the early 1600s were Christian IV’s stomping ground are nowadays, welcoming common people looking for a place to enjoy the sunshine.

Relax at Dronning Louises Bridge

Even though Dronning Louises Bridge is another common outdoor hangout, I decided to separate it from the rest, firstly because it isn’t exactly a park and secondly because it’s my personal favorite spot in the city. The Dronning Louises Bro connects the city center with Nørrebro neighborhood and stretches between Sortedam Lake and Peblinge Lake. There are a few benches along the bridge but you’ll see most people sitting on the pavement or on the railing with a cup of coffee on hand, a bottle of wine or the all-time favorite Carlsberg six-pack. If you get there and you can’t find a spot to lay back, don’t be disappointed because the footpaths along the lakes are equally beautiful and attract as many people as the 19th-century bridge. It’s an absolute must do in Copenhagen in the Summer.

Copenhagen in summer

Explore the city from the water

A boat tour may sound the ultimate tourist activity but trust me you’ll enjoy every minute of the 1-hour trip. Departing from Nyhavn or Gammel Strand the sightseeing boat will take you to the city’s historical and architectural landmarks such as The Little Mermaid, the Copenhagen Opera House and Amalienborg Palace . For an even more unique experience, go on your own private boat tour and sail across Copenhagen’s canals only with your beloved ones on board. GoBoat rents small stylish boats that can fit up to 8 people and can easily operate without a license.

Take a dive

Bath harbors, outdoor swimming pools and Amager Beach Park are the places to look for on a hot sunny day in Copenhagen. Fisketorvet Havnebadet in Vesterbro and Badezone Søndre Refshalebassin in the newly revitalized neighborhood, Refshaleøen, attract the city’s hip crowd while at the bath harbors at Islands Brygge and Sluseholmen you’ll see bathers of all ages and styles. Amager Beach Park, which is located less than an hour from the city center is an artificial island boasting 2.8 miles of beaches. The broad promenade, the endless sandy coast, a green area and an ice parlor complete the summer scene and another reason Amager Beach Pajamjam-packed in the summertime.

copenhagen in summer

Grab a bite at Copenhagen’s new Street Food Market

Reffen, Copenhagen’s new street food market opened last summer and the city’s foodies loved it. 54 international-cuisine food stalls set right by the waterfront, at the city’s trendy district Refshaleøen made Reffen from the very first moment a beloved summer spot for locals and tourists. Concerts, flea markets, yoga classes and many more events take place at Reffen throughout the spring and summer months. In 2019 Copenhagen’s street food market will open its doors on 29 March.

Attend a festival

There isn’t a better season to feel Copenhagen’s festive spirit than summer. The year’s best music festivals and annual events take place sometime between June and August. Distortion transforms the city for 5 days at the beginning of June into a massive street party that lasts from noon until midnight. The internationally known 8-days Roskilde Festival at the beginning of July and the 4-day festival Copenhell in end of June attract music lovers from countries all over the world. During the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July, local and international artists performing in outdoor spaces fill the city’s air with saxophone tunes.

copenhagen in summer

Top Things to Do in Copenhagen in Summer photos courtesy of LasseLeth / Flickr, User:Colin / Flickr, Krists Luhaers / Flickr, Marianne Pedersen / Wikimedia Commons