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Turin: capital of Piedmont, first capital of modern Italy, and one of the cultural centres of the region. This city is more closely associated with the splendour and riches of the North than other cities, and as the stereotype goes, is closer culturally to Western Europe than the country’s southern regions. What’s worth visiting in the former seat of house Savoy apart from the portici and palaces? Locals Mirko, Marco, Chiara, Laura share some of their favourites spots in Turin that travelers shouldn’t miss.

A Local’s Travel Guide to Turin

Waves of Wanting

Waves of Wanting is on Piazzetta Andrea Viglongo. While few locals know it by name, most would be familiar with this unique street art installation. Installed in 2001 by American artist Nancy Dwyer, it was part of a complete renovation of the Quadrilatero Romano neighbourhood. The best time to see it is around noon on a sunny day, when the shadows cast by the perforated metal sheets form the word ‘more’ in five languages.

Esperienza Vermouth

Vermouth is probably Turin’s most famous invention. It’s wine flavoured with various plant parts and herbs, and was created in 1786 by Benedetto Carpano. At Esperienza Vermouth, a workshop organised twice a month, you can really indulge in this famous drink by taking part in blind flavour tests as well create your own combinations. The original recipe is top secret, but who knows, maybe your concoction will start a new craze!

Galleria Subalpina

Snuck between Piazza Castello, Via Cesare Battisti and Piazza Carlo Alberto, Galleria Subalpina is a really attractive iron, glass and marble arcade reminiscent of Paris. Here you can find Turin’s oldest cinema and various classic shops. The best thing about it is how quiet it is, especially compared to the portici from which one might enter.

Birrificio Torino

Piedmont is intrinsically linked with wine (and vermouth), having some of the best brands in the world and boasting the famous Langhe vineyards. At first glance it makes no sense to talk about Piedmontese beer, but actually, Turin has been going through a golden age of craft beer and is currently the epicentre of Italian brewing. The stylish furniture, close proximity to the city centre, and great cuisine to match the wide selection of  beers make Birrificio Torino an ideal bar to check out what’s innovative in the in the world of beer right now. Try the Augusta, but be sure to try as many different labels as possible!


Due to its proximity to France, Turin was the first Italian city to bring the technology of cinema into the country, building the foundations of what became the Italian film industry. CINEfoiles is chock-full with memorabilia of this heritage: this tiny space filled with posters, cards, biographies, Spaghetti western shots, ‘70s erotic movies, Dolce Vita-style comedies and so much more is enough for any true cinephile to get lost in for hours.

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