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Everyone’s drinking beer in Mexico for this month’s issue of Prostly, our online beer & travel magazine. Mexico is a fascinating place for travelers and beer enthusiasts alike, with an abundance of beaches, yummy food and thirst-quenching cervezas. While big beer is an undeniable force in Mexico (did you know that the country is the top exporter of beer in the world?), craft beer is slowly carving out its piece of the pie. Cervezas artesanales, or craft beer to you gringos, are becoming more of the norm in Mexico with independent microbreweries popping up in every corner of Mexico.

Get the lowdown on Mexico’s beer scene from an outsider’s perspective. A tough assignment for the author who traveled the country drinking all the beers she could get her hands on, both craft beer and big brands.

Our craft beer guide to Mexico City zeroes in on the capital, listing all the microbreweries, beer bars, and bottle shops that you shouldn’t miss in CDMX. We’re even giving you a map for your own boozy beer crawl through Mexico City.

While living in a tropical beach town sounds incredibly idyllic, setting up a craft brewery in such a location is no easy feat. German expat Alex was fed-up with the lack of beer options in Puerto Escondido that he began brewing his own. Soon other locals came knocking when they couldn’t fathom another Victoria and Biercito was born.

Oaxaca, Mexico’s current ‘it’ town, infamous for its emerging culinary scene and its deep love of mezcal. But Oaxaca is a must for beer lovers as it’s becoming a hotspot for indie breweries and hip bars featuring cerveza artesanal from around Mexico.

And finally, we’ve amassed a list of our favourite beer and travel instagrammers to help fuel your wanderlust – and make you thirsty in the process. Follow so you can live (and drink) vicariously through them.

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